Christmas at Hatto & Son

With the festive season upon us we are now taking orders to make your Christmas taste as special as it should. Our locally reared Free Range Turkeys come from Barracks Farm in East Horsley maintaining the same high standard, year on year.

As well as Turkey we will have our usual array of popular products including Dry Aged Beef, Oxfordshire Lamb and English Pork which will be perfectly complimented by Home Made Pies, Pigs in Blankets, a selection of Ham and of course stuffing of your choice.



Traditional Free Range White Farm Turkeys

4-5kg  £11.70/kg

5-6kg  £11.25/kg

6-8kg  £10.40/kg

8+kg  £8.95/kg

Free Range Bronze Turkey


Boned and Rolled Turkey Crown, Stuffing Optional


Turkey Boned and Rolled, Breast and Leg, Stuffing Optional


Free Range Goose

4/8kg £14.25/kg

Free Range Norfolk Chicken

<3kg £4.00/kg

3-6kg £7.85/kg

Free Range Breckland Duck

1.5-3kg £7.50/kg

Three Bird Roast. Turkey, Stuffed with Duck, Stuffed with Pheasant, Stuffing Optional.



Home Cooked Hams

(Honey Roast Optional)

Unsmoked - Boneless


Unsmoked - Bone In (min 4kg)


Smoked - Boneless


Smoked - Bone In (min 4kg)



Gammon- Raw

Unsmoked - Boneless


Unsmoked - Bone In (min 4kg)


Smoked - Boneless


Smoked - Bone In (min 4kg)



Orchard Pork

Leg - Boneless


Leg - Bone In


Shoulder - Boneless


Shoulder - Bone In


Loin - Boneless


Loin - Bone In





Dry Cured Bacon

Unsmoked Back


Smoked Back


Unsmoked Streaky


Smoked Streaky






Rump Joint


Rib of Beef


Rolled Sirloin




Beef Wellington Individual

£5.75 each




£6.10 each


£4.95 each

Mallard Duck

£9.20 each

Venison Haunch


Venison Diced


Mixed Game Diced



Oxfordshire Lamb





Lamb Victoria


French Trimmed Rack



Home Made Sausages

Pork - Traditional / Olde English / Cumberland / Pork and Leek / Crack Black Pepper / Caramelised Onion


Chipolatas / Cocktail


Pigs in Blankets




(with a Pork Sausage Meat Base)

Sage and Onion / Cranberry and Apple / Chestnut


Pork Sausage Meat





1lb  £3.50 each

2lb  £7.85 each

5lb  £25.50 each

Chicken and Ham

1lb  £6.45 each

2lb  £12.85 each

4lb  £23.25 each


1lb  £7.10 each

2lb  £14.20 each

5lb  £38.25 each


A Big Thank You to All Of Our Customers and Thanks For All Of Your Support Throughout 2018.

We Look Forward to Serving You in the New Year.

John, Chris, Wayne, Oliver, Rachel, john and Tony.