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Chicken fillets


A 1.2kg pack of skinless and boneless chicken fillets. (£6.66/kg)

Pork steaks

£7.04 (approx.)

A 1.36kg pack of rindless and boneless pork steaks. (£5.18/kg)

Lamb chops

£13.53 (approx.)

A 1.36kg pack of either double Barnsley or single loin chops. (£9.95/kg)

chicken fillets


A 5kg tray of skinless and boneless chicken fillets. (£5.15/kg)

rump steak

£19.13 (approx.)

1.5kg of British rump steak cut to your requirements. (£12.75/kg)

Mince Beef

£13.75 (approx.)

2.5kg of minced steak. Can be split into specific pack sizes for you. (£5.50/kg)

Fillet tails

£9.88 (approx.)

500g of fillet tails. Very tender and ideal for a stirfry or stroganoff. (£19.75/kg)


£29.86 (approx.)

Approximately 1.2kg, this is the thick end of the fillet ideal for roasting, cutting into steaks, or turning into a beef wellington. (£24.88/kg)